Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve!

From one of my favorite Oak Ridge Boys Christmas songs~

On Christmas Eve Santa brought me no knitting time, a frogged sock and a pile of cardi parts.

(No pictures b/c of gd blogger!)

The sock, sadly, was ripped back upon reaching the toes because it was quite a bit too baggy for my taste. Oh well. I *will* restart these, if not next week, in the new year.

I'm really avoiding the cardi parts - I've never set in sleeves before, and I quite a bit nervous.

However, I do have a clean house, and I finally got around to putting up the rest of the decorations. And I'm glad I did - they do make it seem more festive.

We do not have The Girl this year for Christmas Eve, so it's a bit anticlimatic for us. We did get to steal her away for church tonight - one of my favorite times to attend service - all the little ones and some great hymns. I absolutely cannot keep a dry eye during the candlelight singing of "Silent Night." So beautiful. We even survived Christmas Eve dinner with The Man's granddad's wife's son's family (are you confused yet? I am!) who are arseholes. Luckily the patriarch kept his mouth shut, so I didn't have to want to hit him across the face so much this year.

We're doing some last minute gift preparations and then off to wait for santa!

Some parting gifts - Hear some lovely music courstey of Norma.
And some cuteness courtsey of Sknitty.

May your holidays be wool-filled! And may Santa leave chocolate in your stocking! See ya next week - live from Fort Wayne!

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  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Isn't that site the most heart-wrenchingly adorable thing ever?? Merry Christmas! Hope your day is filled with fun and fiber (not of the Metamucil variety).