Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday is...crap - 12 Days to Christmas!

So really it's Knit-a-long day, but I don't have a whole lot of excitement for you in these parts:

Warm Hands: Nothing new - want mittens for me!

Weasley: Finished the HiP scarf last week!

Irish Hiking Scarf: Really want a pink cabled hat for me!

Branching Out: Right - after Christmas

Scarf Style: Want. Turtleneck. Shrug. Now.

Jaywalker: Mmmmmm, Koigu. It calls my name as I knit 5 million Chrismas gifts.

Naked Stix: Cat Bed, HiP Scarf, City Shawl, Mom's Gift, Two Super Secret Presents, One Sock, 6 Ornaments, Pinwheel Blanket DONE. Left to do: Leaf Lace Socks, Second Man sock, baby cardi, two super secret presents, fun fur scarf for The Man's co-teacher.

I did succumb to the KAL - I joined 4(!) more:

Handknit Holidays: 6 ornaments done. I bought some yarn to make the Log Cabin socks for me and The Man. Want to make lots of things from this book.

Evelyn A. Clark KAL: Will start after the Holidays. Knitting Leaf Lace Shawl for this.

Six Sock KAL: This month's sock really doesn't appeal to me. Next!

Knitting on the Road: This month's sock is Whitby - when I ordered the extra yarn for The Man's socks I threw some more in to make the shipping worthwile. These will be for him in a slightly varigated green with blue heel and toe (his request).

In other excitement, the gifts to be mailed are finished and wrapped and boxed up, ready to go to the post office tomorrow. The tree is lit and decorated, and I plan to do the "rest" of the decorations tomorrow. Miles had a good time helping daddy with the lights - picture tomorrow.

I wanted to have more excitement for you, but I am turning into a pumpkin. I should stop posting so late at night.


  1. I can't say enough how impressed I am with all that you manage to knit and accomplish!! It's really amazing. And your comment about turning into a pumpkin cracked me up. I think I do most of my posting as a pumpkin, too! :-) Take care, Jenn!

  2. why did i think you had a student teaching gig already? huh? confused.