Thursday, December 01, 2005

No Pictures

The Man left the camera at school. So you'll have to imagine lovely FO pictures of the Irish Hiking Scarf (aka the Scarf of Doom), a bunny hat with a face and pictures of Pasha parts. I'll understand if you come back tomorrow.

To entertain you instead I have some lists! Woo Hoo! I LOVE lists. I have a lovely little pad of paper and a pen in my nightstand drawer for late night lists. I carry around a notebook in my purse for lists. I primarily use my planner for lists. (Of course, I invariably have 3 or 4 copies of the same list.)

Inspired by Kris' monthly goals, I've decided to list my December goals.

1. Finish all Christmas gifts. (This one alone should be all I have on my list)
2. Get everything off of the needles EXCEPT for stripey cardi.
3. If time allows, make a few mousies and tiny sweaters/gift tags for extra gifts.
4. Start Turtle Neck Shrug
5. Basic Cable Hat for ME!!!
6. "Plan" Cabled Mittens
7. Swatch for Ribby Cardi

To keep up with number 2, I plan to join the Naked Stix by 2006 KAL. However, I will make an exception for the stripey cardi. It really is more of a spring/summer knit, and I really don't have the motivation to finish it right now. So there.

What's left to finish for Christmas? Look on the sidebar. I almost cast on for one of the Super Secret Surprise gifts tonight, but I'm feeling lazy.

So I've been spending too much time at home, and it's starting to show.

Things I've learned from staying home too much:
1. Dogs sleep all day. Is this normal? Is this healthy? I'm worried.
2. Why does the day go so damn slow when you are at work, but when you sit on your ass all day suddenly it's time to get The Girl from school?
3. Why do I forget to eat if no one else is around?
4. Bloglines: can I check it too much?
5. From that, I clearly need more blogs to read as I can't spend all day reading blogs yet.
6. I am lazy.
7. Daytime TV sucks
8. Why can you send out several (10) job applications that take you a minimum of 30 minutes each to complete and NEVER HEAR ANYTHING.
9. I'm crabby when I don't have "stuff" to do (ie: other than knitting).
10. Why when I'm home all the freaking time do I never do the dishes?
11. Why is it that when I have tons of time to get stuff done I end up doing nothing?
12. Snickers makes an excellent breakfast.

I've also learned that there are other crafts I want to persue. I recently bought some blank cards, scrapbook paper and stamps to make my own Christmas cards. Clearly I am insane.

I have to go to a stupid class tomorrow (to "learn" how to manage my classroom because clearly my 39 hours of graduate work and 3 years of teaching experience haven't prepared me for this), so I plan to try to sneak in some sock knitting - The Man's sock is languishing. Because this is the unofficial end to my week o' sitting on my ass, here's what I've accomplished:

1. Finished The Man's stocking.
2. Finished and felt The Man's hat.
3. Knit all of the pieces of Pasha except for one wing. Sewed the feet together.
4. Cleaned the study/craft room.
5. Organized the "future teacher" materials (this includes over 200 books and lots of CRAP)
6. Bought Santa's gift for The Girl.
7. Read a story to The Man's class.
8. Made copies for The Girl's teacher.
9. Filled out 3 job applications.
10. Went to the post office twice.
11. Tried on 10 pairs of jeans, none of which fit.
12. Watched some crappy movies.
13. Hung the outside Christmas lights.
14. Cleaned out the garage.
15. Did one load of laundry.

Seems like there should be a lot more there.

OK, I've even bored myself now. Be gone with you. Pictures tomorrow!


  1. Actually, considering the time consumption of some of those things, I think you accomplished quite a bit. Don't be so hard on yourself! I do notice, though, that the less "free" time I have, the more efficiently I use it. Goes along with the whole procrastination thing.

  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    My sister's first husband was a web geek, and a bit obsessed with their dog. He set up a webcam so they could check on the dog throughout the day. She never left the couch.

  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Wow, you had a busy week!

    Homemade Christmas cards sound fab... you'll have to show us your finished product. And I have to admit I snickered at "Snickers makes an excellent breakfast". :)