Thursday, October 24, 2013

KCW Day 3: Tops

I decided recently that I needed to sew more with knits. I bought a few yards at JoAnn's to try out some different types.

Pauley's Pullover for Ben

For Ben I used this red and black striped knit to sew the Pauley's Pullover from Sewing for Boys. I sewed the 2/3 size, and it is a bit long in the arms and the body is very wide, but he likes it! This knit was fairly thick and very easy to sew.

Bimaa Cowl

For Samantha I used a thin knit to make the Bimaa Cowl. I made the size six, as some of her fives are getting small. However, it is huge! She will have to wear a shirt under it for a while so you can't see her bellybutton from the weight of the cowl! But it is cute, and will fit for a long time. This knit was a pain to sew with - my machine kept wanting to eat it since it was so thin.

After School Shirt

I purchased a yard of this cute Lizzy House print on sale a few weeks ago, with the intention of using it for 'L' week. Samantha wore the one I made last year the other day, and I was reminded of how cute it is. And easy to sew up! I really like the way this one came out - I hope she likes it!

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