Saturday, October 05, 2013

D is for Dragonflies and Daisies

D week was this week, and I am so pleased with the way this dress came out!


I had purchased a TON of Lisette fabric on super sale at JoAnns (it was on sale for 70% off, but they had already clearanced it, so they gave me 70% off the clearance price - I think I paid about $1.72/yd!), and when I saw I had dragonflies and daisies, I decided to use both of them for D week.


I was also so excited to finally use the awesome Roller Skate Dress from Oliver and S, and Samantha was so excited that she could wear her dress twice! :) This is a great pattern  - I think it took me longer to trace and cut out the pattern and fabric than it did to sew it up!


I very very very highly recommend this pattern! And I really enjoyed sewing with the Lisette fabric - it has such a nice feel, and is a great weight. I'm  glad I have tons of it to use!


Samantha was also excited to wear her polka dot shorts under her dress. :)

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