Tuesday, October 01, 2013

C is for Cowgirl (and Christmas)


For C week (Sew All 26), I thought a cowgirl vest might be cute. I had visions of fringe, and fake suede, but when Samantha went to the store with me, she picked this fabric (she is very literal, and it needed to look like a cow, of course!)

I used the explorer vest pattern from Oliver +S Little Things to Sew, and shortened the length.


She added in her Cowgirl skirt (which is too small, but I let her wear it this one last time), and on of her Christmas pajama shirts, which I didn't have the heart to tell her she couldn't wear because it was pajamas. She looked a little crazy, but hey, she's having a good time! Oh, and the cowgirl vest is off to the dress up box now, which all the kids are excited about!

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