Tuesday, October 08, 2013

E is for Embroidery

This week is E week, and Samantha couldn't wait to wear her new shirt!

E is for

I used the Embroidered Denim Tunic tutorial from the Purl Bee. I made some modifications - I made mine tunic length (instead of 4 year old dress length, per the tutorial), since I didn't have enough fabric. I found the neckline to be too wide, so I took it in on the shoulders, but probably need to do more, as it's still slightly too large.

E is for

I used blanket stitch on the neckline, and then filled in with some other stitches - running stitch, french knot and a zig zag backstitch. I was going to add another, but ran out of time. I used DMC perle cotton and I really liked it.

Samantha loves it - she thinks the stitching is so pretty, and loves the french knots - she wants to know how to make them! :)

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