Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCW Day 1: Family Reunion Dresses

I made two dresses yesterday, though at times it was touch and go! These dresses took a great deal of time and mental capacity, which was hindered by the sick little girl who didn't go to school yesterday. And our general lack of sleep lately didn't help either.

Family Reunion Dresses

But I powered through and I am so pleased with the way they turned out! These are the girls' dresses for our family picture photoshoot coming up in November. I really like the print, which I was unsure of once I started making the dresses.

Family Reunion Dresses

As always, I learn something new with every Oliver and S pattern I sew! I was stymied on the hem facing for these, until I figured out that when you fold the button placket right sides together you pull the facing out of the way. Then it fits fine, but man, that stumped me for a long time! (It didn't help that I sewed the facing to the wrong side of the dress, first, then to the wrong dress next!)

There are a lot of buttons on these dresses, but they are so cute! I love that they button all the way up the back. And the pleats/collar/facing/button placket are adorable all together and add a touch of fancy without being too much.

Family Reunion Dresses

I'm taking a brain break today - some simple skirts and a Halloween costume on deck. I've got two more Oliver and S time consuming patterns to make hopefully this week - two Sketchbook Shirts for the boys for our family picture.

I'm planning some Treasure Pocket Pants for Ben, a Bimaa Cowl sweater for Samantha and an Ice Cream Dress as well. I've got several other things lined up if time allows -we will see!

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