Friday, October 25, 2013

KCW Day 4

I started off yesterday with very little 'plan.' I knew what I wanted to make this week, but didn't have a plan for each day, like I have in the past. I also didn't have all of my patterns traced and fabric cut like I have before, so that has been taking additional time each day. Since the kiddos were playing nicely, I decided to trace out some Treasure Pocket Pants for Ben.

Car Treasure Pocket Pants

This pair is a light weight twill with some adorable car fabric for the sides and pockets.

Woodland Treasure Pocket Pants

I made these with a remnant of something that feels like a lightweight wool suiting fabric, combined with an adorable Riley Blake woodland print.

Ice Cream Dress

I also remade an Oliver and S Ice Cream Dress using some of the bargain Lisette fabric in the ice cream print.

Class Picnic Blouse

I remade the Class Picnic Blouse as well. This pattern was difficult for me last year (I had trouble with the lining up of the sleeves and bodice and getting the overhang for the elastic casing to be the right size), but was very easy and came together quickly this year! I made this one a bit longer in the body and sleeves, since Samantha is tall and skinny.

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  1. Hi, I am really enjoying the HST project. I am on block #42 and it is lookin awesome!! Are folks posting pictures somewhere? I saw on Flickr there was a site, but no one posts there anymore! :( Wendy!