Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's going on

I got new yarn in a ravelry swap - eco wool (enough for a big cabled sweater) and Spunky Eclectic sock yarn - I love the pinks!

I finished the back of Cherry!

I picked up the stitches for the top of the back of Camisa! (Apparently, if I just blog about wanting to accomplish these things, they get done! Think this will work for everything I want to get done?)

And I stubbed my toe at school Monday - isn't it pretty? Ouch.


  1. OUch indeed! HOpe your toe feels better soon, and glad it wasn't your knitting fingers! My goodness, you have been knitting away!

  2. Ouch!!! Poor toe. :( I did a spectacular stub between my two smallest toes earlier this summer, so I feel your pain.

  3. Hope your toe heals quickly!

    Both Cherry and the other top are looking good. :)