Monday, August 06, 2007

Rags to Dishes

When Emily came up with "Dish Rag Tag" earlier this summer, I knew this was one swap I had to do this year. The concept is great - get a box with a finished dishcloth and two balls of dishcloth cotton, knit a dishcloth with one ball, keep the other and the dishcloth that was in the box, repack the box with your dishcloth and two new balls of dishcloth cotton, and tag your next teammate.

My goodies.

I was tagged on Friday (I'm a team captain! Woot!), and even though I had a date with Jason Bourne Friday night, I managed to get my dishcloth knit and in the mail on Saturday.

Here it is posing with the bathroom sink at the yarn shop, and in all it's finished glory.

Pattern: Round Dishcloth
Yarn: Peaches and Cream Peppermint
Needles: Sz US 8 Susan Bates
Dates: Friday August 3-Saturday August 4.
For: ?????
Mods: none.
Thoughts: this is a really lovely pattern - quick, easy and very interesting. The girls at the shop were quite taken with it, and I have plans for many more of these!

It winged it's way off on Saturday (although I was worried for a minute that our substitute mailman wouldn't take it - he really inspected the click 'n ship form before he left the shop), and it has arrived at it's destination. Fingers crossed for a speedy trip to the next stop!

Go team Rags to Dishes!


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    It's beautiful! Yay - Go team! :)

  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    You're so lucky to have gotten in! I heard about it too late. :( I love that round dishcloth pattern - I started on last night!

  3. That's the pattern I'm hoping to knit - it looks so much nicer in a multicolor yarn.

  4. Very cool, andi agree about the multi color!

  5. I agree - this swap is super fun. Can't wait for my team to come 'round!

  6. Yes, I love the round dishcloth pattern as well... excellent choice!

  7. Wow, that's a great idea, and sounds like so much fun! How can someone be added to the queue? I've got a friend who would probably love this!

  8. that round one is pretty cool. and it doesn't look easy to me

  9. Very very cool dishcloth, I really like it in the variegated!

  10. That is a really, really cool dishcloth!

  11. I've never really been into the whole dishcloth knitting thing, but that round one could change my mind! It's so pretty!!

  12. Love it! Now I'm going to make one :)