Monday, August 13, 2007

A month of sweaters?

I had grand plans at the beginning of August - I was going to finish up Rusted Root, the Bowknot Cardigan and Cherry. It is almost mid-August, and I'm not too close, so barring a miracle, it may not happen.

However, I do have the back of the Bowknot cardigan done. The back of Cherry is nearly done, and I have 2 1/2 pattern repeats and some ribbing and Rusted Root will be done.

I worked a bit on Camisa a week or two ago, and I have the bottom half of the back finished. The only thing preventing me from working more on it is the picking up stitches - blech.

I have ripped and restarted mom's sweater three times now - too big, too small, and now, hopefully, just right. No new picture, as it looks much the same as it did the first time (I have 12 rows done).

I did cast on for a new project a few days ago - the Lace Curtain from Knitpicks out of Nashua June. Hubbo wants to know if the curtain or the kitchen will be done first. Funny guy.


  1. How did it get to be mid-August so quickly????? Maybe a knitting miracle will happen . . . or maybe September can be A Month of Sweaters. You know, I was thinking about knitting that Lace Curtain for my bathroom. I kind of thought I was the only knitter something like that would appeal to. I'm glad I'm not alone!!!!

  2. Wow. You are SO ambitious! And you get SO much done.

  3. Oooh, that's gonna be gorgeous! Alas, I'm betting on that being done before the kitchen. As well as all those sweaters. But I'm crossing my fingers I'm wrong!

  4. You are getting a lot of knitting done considering the state of your kitchen and the fact that it's a zillion degrees down there. Those are going to be cute sweaters and I love the lace curtain!