Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stash enhancement ain't just yarn

So I have been buying a few things here and there, since I have an "allowance" now with this new job and all. Yay for yarn!

This lovely Elann Quechua will be the cute Tulips cardigan from the fall Knitscene. It's really a bit more green than this picture shows.

And some lovely Silky Wool for Somewhat Cowl. LOVE this color - it's exactly what I wanted and it was on sale at one of my LYS!

And, because I don't have time to knit all the yarn I could buy, I bought some knitting related goodies.

An oh-so-cute sheepy water bottle, which says "Feeling unraveled? Knit!" Also, a cute new tape measure (I broke one this week) and some lovely little stitchmarkers, perfect for socks!

Some more yarn might be on it's way. But it's not all for me. Promise.

Oh, and the cute sock blocker keychain? I think this is where my one skein pal got it.


  1. I'm making a Somewhat Cowl using the exact same yarn! It's sooo lovely. I'm definately going to get more.

    Love the rest of the goodies, esp the water bottle, where'd you get it?

  2. Silky Wool!!!! Only one of my top three favorite yarns ever!!! What great score - you are going to love working with it!

  3. Very nice purchases! Silky Wool is my "Desert Island" yarn! I made a sweater in that color, and I just love it. The yarn is fabulous to knit with. I have enough for one adult, and one baby sweater in my yarn closet!

    Speaking of, I think it's time to clean out that yarn closet some more. Keep an eye out on my blog if you want to scoop some up at a major discount!

    Happy Knitting.

  4. Great yarn. And I love the "Knitting Paraphernalia" too!! Especially the tape measure - I think I've become addicted to cute tape measures!! :)

  5. Oooo, Silky Wool! Lovely!

  6. Great stash enhancement. Silky Wool is a fave - and it looks like it is for many!

    Love that water bottle!! May I ask where you found it?

  7. I love the Silky wool for the cowl and that color is stunning.

    I love's my favorite knit!

  8. Fun fun fun. Two new sweater projects - makes me jealous.

    Anyway, how's the new school?

  9. Mmmm - Silky Wool! Cute water bottle. My friend Jeanne picked up some of those sockblocker keychains for us, but I'm not sure where she got them - just that the woman who made them was sort of overwhelmed. :)