Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fall into (your) knitting

(But please don't poke your eyes out.)

It's fall. I love fall. I got married in the fall because I love it so much. It's a bit different down here in Texas than it was growing up in Indiana. Last year it was still 100 degrees for much of September and in the high 90s in October. Blech. This year, thankfully, it's been much cooler already, and we are loving it. We've also heard rumors that this will be a "wet" winter, and we're already seeing evidence of that - we have green growing grass again! After a summer of having a brown yard, hubbo is complaining that he's going to have to mow again. But it's purty.

What does fall mean in knitting land? Sweater weather! I started two sweaters over Labor Day weekend that haven't seen the blog "for real" yet, so it's time to rectify that.

This lovely brown number will grow up to be licorice whip. I'm knitting it out of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Chocolate(?). Yum. Lovely yarn. One warning though - If you downloaded the pattern some time ago you might go back and redownload it. There are several errors in the first pdf. So far, so good. I'm nearly ready to put the sleeves on waste yarn and continue on the body. It's knitting up rather quickly, but I did have to go up to a size 10 needle to get gauge, and even then it wasn't quite right, so I'm knitting it with the maths. Let's cross our fingers that the maths work again.

And, because I have been wanting a new cardigan (because clearly, the 20 or so I already have aren't enough), I cast on for the Central Park Hoodie from the fall 06 Knitscene in some lovely leafy green Ella Rae Classic. LOVE. THIS. YARN. It has wonderful stitch definition, the cables look great, and it is really soft for a 100% wool. Plus it comes in an amazing array of colors. I'm already plotting more sweaters with it. Yum. Oh, and it's cheaper than Cascade 220 and Lamb's Pride (which we know I hate because of the mohair. Yuck.). If your LYS isn't carrying this, they should. It's lovely.

There are a few other sweaters on the needles - Kyoto, and Pullover Flair (which I also cast on for over Labor Day weekend), but they're not seeing much action these days, and hubbo's xmas sweater, which is in semi-permanent stall, since I can't work on it in front of him.

In other excitement, I cleaned up the stash today, and pulled all my red yarn. I'm not a "true" red person (though I do have some red yarn for Bristow and I'm wanting some reddish socks), but somehow I have acculumated a few balls here and there of red yarn. It will all be knit into red scarves. Go make one. I'm also gathering skeins for Dulaan knitting projects. Grab your needles - they're aiming to sign up 2007 knitters to each knit 5 items, resulting in over 10,000! knitted necessities for these kiddos.

Thank you for listening to this public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Loving the regularly scheduled knitting programming. Nothing like some new sweaters to bring on the fall!

  2. Sweater weather, hurray!

  3. Oh, you've got some pretty stuff started there. I love the shade of the brown. Very fallish.

  4. Cool about the Ella Rae - I've been wondering about her yarn.

  5. Yay for sweater weather!

    Thanks for the charity knitting reminders. I'm knitting for lots of family and friends right now, but I'd like to fit in a charity project.