Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I just can't knitalong

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I'm not a knitalonger. I always start with the best of intentions, and end up falling flat on my face. However, I do love to lurk and watch others KAL, so it's not a total loss.

I joined the Summer of Socks KAL with just these hopes - I would be knitting a lot of socks, as it was a) summer and b) Texas. Not a lot of large heavy sweater knitting going on here. Unfortunately, as it is wont to do, life got in the way. So much so that the only finished pair of socks I knit both of during the summer were my One Skein Pal's Cabled Footies. Yikes. And really, do those count, since they were worsted weight yarn? Anywho, I did whip up a few single socks for you.

First, a wee one. I received the kit to make these cute socks for your keychain sock blocker from my One Skein Pal, and last week, in a fit of "I need to finish something NOW!", I pulled it out. Hmmm. No gauge listed. OK. I'll just go for it. Um yeah. So small that I can barely pull it over the toe. Okey dokey then - an ornament for the tree! We never got one last year (I was bored with them before I got to our tree), so now we have a knitted ornament! Yea! I shall try again to make one the correct size for my keyring. Note to self: You almost always have to go up a needle size. Go up a needle size.

And one finished "full" sized sock! Thanks to my new commute (grrr), I have more sock knitting time (yea!). Hubbo drives me to school every day as his school is about one mile away. Just a few minutes here and there in the car twice a day really add up! I lovelovelove this sock. It is soooooooo soft. I want the other one finished RIGHTNOW so that I can wear them. Yum. However, I have decided to finish one of the pink and green socks first. A few more days of going back and forth to school should do it and then I'll have one of each pair done. We'll see if this helps combat or increase second sock syndrome. I'll let you know.

Even more knitting has been happening (I know, can you believe it?) and there has been a wee bit of stash enhancement. Just a wee bit, really.


  1. I like the purple sock, but that teeny tiny little bitty sock is just too cute! It will make a great ornament!

  2. i've had pretty bad luck with knitalongs recently. as soon as i join one, it seems my project gets shelved for something else, or gets cursed (knitting nature, for example). i'm afraid to join one for the intolerable cruelty skirt!

  3. Hey neat clogs! I keep saying I need to make some, and keep putting it off. Holidays, maybe?

    Also, I agree with the KAL thing...who need more pressure to finish, lol?? I also hate memes, comments that say they snroted liquid through their nose, people that say they threw up in their mouth, and other sundry problems along with war, but that's another story.


    Oh, the silk? Not the yarn, that's wool, but the silk will be the fabric lining the afghan...hence the blanket's slip, if you will. Just 'cause it will be slidy and also another layer of thin warmth. That's the story, sorry I didn't blog it, but I had a fever earlier and didn't have the energy to fight with an unruly Picasa. Hopefully I'll make it to knit nite.

  4. Well, at least there is a small bright side to the commute - sock knitting time. I love that sock - it's so pretty!! :) Can't wait to see your "wee" stash enhancement!!

  5. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I'm glad there is a positive benefit to your having had to switch schools, that you have extra knitting time! Hope all those socks get their mates very soon.

    I did OK with my first KAL and am doing the Central Park Hoodie one now. I think if I stick to only one at a time, and keep down the numbers of projects on the needles, I'll be fine. It was really helpful in terms of people finding errors or problems with the patterns and pointing them out ahead of time.

  6. Ooo.. I love the purple socks. I try to knit while driving to school... but there aren't enough stop lights.

  7. Try knitting your socks in tandem. I saves my sanity and then I get a pair done withing days of each other.

    The sock does look lovely.

  8. omg, that's great! the little sock blocker keychain thingie. i imagine that's the size of sock you knit out of the STR emergency sock yarn skeins...hehehe. where ever do you get one of those!? i don't even have regular-sized sock blockers...
    i can't KAL well, either. performance anxiety.
    i like your purple sock. i don't usually like purple, but that's a nice sock! ;)
    mismatched socks aren't necessarily a bad thing... :)

  9. That keychain is too cute - do you know where she got it?

    I've also been having issues keeping up with knitalongs lately . . . including the one I was co-hosting! Ah, so it goes!

  10. That tiny sock is so cute! How does one make such a tiny thing like that?
    Lovely purple striped socks!

  11. LOVE the purple sock! I suck at KALs, too, so I feel your pain. But, why do I keep trying them??

  12. I know what you mean about KALs. I have failed on the in-time completion front every single time I've joined one. My Knitting Olympics project is *still* not done. Love your socks, though!

  13. I've just finished knitting my first mini sock for my sock blocker and it looks exactly the same size as yours turned out and I can't get it on the toe of the sock blocker at all!! I used size 0 dpns like the pattern stated and 4ply sock yarn. Did you ever work out which size needles to use to get the sock to fit the blocker?