Friday, September 01, 2006


I had nearly no voice today at school, and the two margaritas during dinner have pretty much wiped me out. Not a lot of excitement around here. But I have high hopes for the weekend!

August Goals
1. Finish Baltic Sea Stole. Sooooooo close
2. Start neutral (grey) socks. Cuffed. Nothing else done
3. Finish hubbo's second sock. Cuffed.
4. Start hubbo's xmas sweater. Started. Can't work on it in front of him. May never be done.
5. Work on Log Cabin blanket. Not touched.
6. Knit and felt sheep. DONE!!!! WOO HOO!!!
7. Finish mom's shrug/bolero. All the pieces are knitted - needs a good steam blocking and seams!
8. Try to finish Leaf Lace. Not touched.
9. If time, restart blue and purple socks. Nope.

I did work on several things that were not on the goals list though. Some credit for that?

September Goals
1. Finish Baltic Sea Stole.
2. Finish Mom's shrug/bolero.
3. Finish Sophie (special "order").
4. Finish second dishcloth set (special "order).
5. Start felted hat (special "order").
6. Finish hubbo's anniversary socks.
7. Finish green & pink trekking socks.
8. Finish purple cotton socks.
9. Work on gift socks.
10. Birthday gift #1 started and finished.
11. Birthday gift #2 started and finished.
12. Start Green Cabled Hoodie.
13. Start Licorice Whip.
14. Start and finish dinosaur (special "order").
15. Work on Leaf Lace.
16. Restart Clapotis.
17. Work on hubbo's xmas sweater.
18. Start hubbo's xmas socks.
19. Start gift socks #2
20. Some progress on grey socks and dye-o-rama socks.
21. Work on Log Cabin if time allows.

Um. I think that's enough. Yikes.


  1. How did I miss the hubbo xmas sweater? Nothing like a little ambition - trying to hide a project from someone with whom you live!

  2. You have a very busy September planned! May your fingers be quick, nimble and accurate!

  3. Jenn, your goals frighten me...but I am *seriously* impressed! ;) You go girl.

    Happy Knitting!