Thursday, August 31, 2006

A not so F'd O

I've been busy and a bit under the weather, so no more F'd Os yet (hopefully some by the weekend!), but I do have something I keep forgetting to show y'all. Something that is um, not so finished.

Last week, as the hubbo was doing dishes (before you think he is the greatest man alive, we take turns as we have no working dishwasher), he felt something on his foot. Now this in and of itself is remarkable, as he usually wears shoes when he does the dishes (hurts his back to be barefoot). When he opened the cabinet doors beneath the sink, a deluge spilled out.

Yep. Our disposal ROTTED out of it's casing. Of course, this was the side of the sink hubbo was using for rinsing, and water had been pouring out of this side of the sink for about 45 minutes (Hubbo does the dishes s-l-o-w-l-y). Luckily, our bucket 'o cleaning supplies lives under the sink, and had caught much of the water. There were still several inches on the bottom of the cabinet before he opened the doors (we're estimating, obviously, based on the amount we had to mop off the floor).

Our dilemma about this is two fold: Fix it ourselves v. call a plumber.

Fix it ourselves Pros: Cheap. On our schedule.

Call a plumber Cons: Expensive. On his (or her) schedule. May mean one of us may have to take a day off work. Did I mention expensive?

Fix it oursleves Cons: Um, doing it ourselves?

Call a plumber Pros: Done well (hopefully). Can do the bathrooms (sinks haven't drained well since we've lived here - almost 3 years) and fix the water line that runs to the dishwasher (it doesn't drain right so it swishes dirty water around). Money well spent?

Yeah, we should probably call a plumber, but since we're already taking two days each to go to my lil' sister's wedding in two weeks, we really can't take any more time any time soon. So unless the plumber can come after 3:30 or on the weekends, we'll be sans disposal for quite some time.

Must go to bed now - hubbo is driving me nuts flipping between Andre and freakin' preseason football. Is it really fall already?


  1. Oh gosh, what a nightmare. Our kitchen sink has been slowly dripping. Pea "fixed" it a couple of weeks ago . . . but it still leaks a little. For now, I just put a bucket under when I run the dishwasher. I agree - the professional plumber is the best way to go, but it's such a hassle. :(

  2. This happened to me on Christmas day. Yep, Christmas day! I called a plumber. My DH took one look at the problem and said, "I don't want to fool around with that."

  3. A plumber will be a pain, but worth it in the long run. Proper plumbing makes life so much easier!

  4. Not to sweat, Jenn - this may be the easiest of all home repairs, as those guys are only held in with a few bolts: read super simple to replace. We just did ours (don't ask, I had an episode with repotting plants in the sink, bad idea) and it took less than 15 minutes and only about 30 bucks max. The guys at Home Depot are helpful. Good luck, and I hope you feel better!

    (And great seeing you at YE last night too!)

  5. Bummer! I just had a plumber out to fix the slow draining bathroom sink (which wasn't slow for the reason I thought, either) and to replace the diverter, spout, and faucet in the tub. Expensive, but money well spent...