Monday, February 28, 2005

I hate school

So I spent the ENTIRE weekend on this stupid family history project for my social studies class - only to discover that part of what was the "assignment" wasn't on the rubric - so did I waste my time?

And then I get to class tonight to turn in the monster, only to discover that the professor is absent, I have be put "in charge" of collecting the projects and passing out the midterm. The midterm that she described at the beginning of the semester as "easy." The midterm that is due in one week. The midterm that has 7 (count them, seven) components, each a "mini" project. And I use the word "mini" loosely.

Oh, and did she forget to tell us that a "check up" for our next project (reading and reviewing 25 children's books that deal with social studies) is due Friday? Luckily (really?) I stumbled across this online as I was trying to see what books had already been posted about (as we're not supposed to copy entries (out of 75 students between 3 classes)) and found that we can't see what else has been posted - haha.

So so much for doing anything else this week (read for my book groups, knit, oh yeah, the other class I'm taking and the inservice I'm trying to prep for that I have to give next week). I guess this is what I get for thinking I would avoid social studies for a whole week.

How many days until graduation?

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