Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stitch and BITCH

So - Tuesday night (first and third) is SnB. We have a small group - all of us linked to one another in some way. Tonight was only our third meeting, but still fun. But there was a newbie tonight. A newbie, who new to our group, was not new to knitting. In fact, if I didn't know better, I would think she invented knitting.

"Why are you doing it that way?" "Who taught you to knit." Um I taught myself, and two other members of our group - so thanks for the insult.

Oh, and she wasn't just the queen of knitting - she knew everything about everything. And, anything she didn't know, like our backstories that popped up in new stories tonight, she wanted us to explain for her.

It was a quiet group tonight - well, except for her.

I hate to be so negative, because I'm sure she could be helpful, as those of us who are new to the fiber arts become more willing to try more, but SHUT UP!

How do we deal with this? We can't uninvite her, that's just beyond rude. I'll hope that her "queen of the world" mentality wears off before next time. Cross your fingers.

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