Thursday, February 24, 2005

Procrastination is it already Thursday night? Have I done anything this week? Will anything get done this weekend? How is it almost Spring Break?

I have an inservice I have to prepare to give at my school, a test to write for one of the professors I work for, a visit of 350 sixth grade students to my campus for the other professor I work for, much library research for one of the professor's WIP, my own project for my social studies class, lesson plans to write...i want to climb into a hole and not come out!

In financial fun, my momma is doing my taxes, and has decided to itemize my deductions this she made me go through all of my 2004 receipts (which I keep b/c I am anal) and find any from "teacher purchases." Ouch....I know I am missing some b/c I used my bonus last Christmas to buy books for my classroom, and I am already over $300. DH really liked that number.....

Knitting, who has time for that? Oh, and I'm supposed to be reading for my book week?

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