Saturday, February 12, 2005

So I've finally succumbed.....

This is it, the beginning of the end. Not normally a "trendy" person, I fought the urge to blog for a long time, but boy did I enjoy reading others! Now I can hold back the tides of change no longer....I too am a blogger. And who really cares? Probably only me, but it's nice to vent to the world, instead of internally. So here goes....knitting and litting.....or reading, whatever.
So...background....if anyone cares....I'm a recently married twenty-something, with a nearly seven year old stepdaughter, three dogs (one almost brand new!), a cat, a mortgage, etc. I'm in grad school for the second time, and I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.
My mom tells me I taught myself to read before I started kindergarten, and since I don't remember this, I'll have to take her word for my child prodigy background. I do remember reading anything and everything I could find, and being dismayed at the ten-book limit my local bookmobile had. I stopped reading in high school, but returned with a vengance when I worked at a bookstore in college. Our home has nearly 1,000 books, and it seems more arrive weekly. And will we ever read them all? Probably not, but c'est la vie. Luckily for me, my DH is also an avid reader, so it's OK that we need a seperate room to hold our books.
Last year for Christmas one of my good friends bought me a knitting kit (put out by Urban Outfitters, of all people!) and it languished in the corner of my study for six months. Then, in a fit of boredom, having just finished one book and trying to savor it before moving on to the next, I opened the kit. I lasted maybe ten minutes, before it returned to the corner of the study and I watched Felicity instead. But I was determined not to let her gift go to waste. After all, I had prompted the gift by saying that I wanted to learn to knit....I must follow through. So, two days before Christmas, in an effort to not watch Jim Carrey ruin the Grinch one more time, and allow my stepdaughter and nephew some space, I retreated to the bedroom with said kit and a cheap Barnes & Noble "learn to knit and crochet" book that I purchased because it was the cheapest knitting book I could find. And viola, two days later a tie was born. Looking at it now I am appalled at how bad it was; no even tension, wobbly rows, but darn it if DH didn't wear it to work the next day....isn't that sweet? Or maybe he just wanted any rate, I'm slowly but surely progressing, I finally learned to purl and I'm trying my first "in the round" project. Oh, and that friend who started this whole thing decided she wanted to learn too, so we're learning together.
Now that I've put y'all to sleep, I'll leave you be.....enjoy your weekend!

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