Sunday, February 20, 2005

Crafty goodness

So, in a fit of "I hate schoolwork" I was a crafty girl yesterday - bought some fun fur for the kitty's upcoming kitty bed, and bought some of that oh-so-soft and not too warm (this is Texas, ya know) Lion microspun to make a skinny scarf. DH does not approve of how much yarn costs.....oh well.

And, in a fit of craziness, got out my sewing machine (which was my grandmothers and is probably older than I am), fired it up (and only made all the lights in the house flicker once), and created.......

I'm afraid the crafts might take over the house......

Just found out it is going to be 77 today, may not get much of anything done due to requiste outdoor playtime.....some days it's good to live in Texas!

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