Thursday, February 17, 2005


So I get all worked up about starting the blog - to do so or not do so....and then I don't write anything for five days....Yeah, I'm cool. I just finished DH's V-day hat and i-pod cozie, made myself a hat, and then only had one project going (pic to come). So, started up a dishcloth last night while watching season 2 Alias from the great and wonderful (and turning me into a couch-potato) Netflix. I know.....boooooring. We had parent-teacher conferences for the past two days and I'm not sure I have any brain cells left. I'm pretty sure I was saying all the same things about all my kids by the end. Oh the DH has the weekend off of work, I'm worried we might kill each other and there might have to be a LYS visit.
I started reading this last week when the professor I normally work for was out of town....still not sure how I feel about it, but I'll keep plugging along. And I stumbled across Knit One Read Two and signed up to be a member of their book group, and they are reading for March this....which I haven't been able to get past page 50 of since Christmas. And my real, in person book group is reading this, which I read a year and a half ago, so do I really have to read it again?
In the news......makes me want to go to Kansas and tell some people off. Thanks to bookslut for the link.
OK, must go pretend to be productive. Pictures to come....

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