Tuesday, October 09, 2012

KCWC Day 1: Sasha Jumper Dresses

Yesterday was the official first day of KCWC. Since I had 'cheated' and cut all my fabric and patterns last week, I was able to jump right into sewing at naptime yesterday. I chose something I thought would be fairly quick, so that I would have a finished project by the end of the day. I started with the Sasha Jumper Dress. I wanted to make an empire waisted dress, and I wanted to make a jumper dress for versatility, and I came across this etsy shop via Shannon's blog a few weeks ago. I favorited this pattern, and when KCWC was announced, snapped it up.

The girls in their new dresses

The pattern is great because it comes in sizes 12 months -8 years. The bodice is fully lined, which I like. The construction of the slit in the back of the skirt was a new technique for me. I love the pleats (and I feel like pleats are so easy now that I've made the Paper Fan Dress!). The only part of the pattern that wasn't completely clear is when she tells you to fold up and press the hem - she doesn't say that you are working on the hem! It's pretty clear if you've sewn any other skirt/dress, but she doesn't say which part of the dress to be pressing and folding.

I wish the skirt on Samantha's was a bit longer (something I can easily change when I make it again). Both girls have plenty of room in the bodice to wear long sleeves underneath. Hopefully they can wear these until the spring with a shirt underneath and then without when it warms up.

Ellie's Dress

As a bonus, you can see Ellie's new fat lip in her picture! She rode her riding giraffe down the one step in our house right after breakfast this morning. And of course, she got blood on her new dress. Fingers crossed I can get it out!

As I was cutting out Ben's Quick Change Trousers, I was saddened that I hadn't used this awesome elephant fabric for a dress for Ellie (it's so cute and gender neutral!). However, I had exactly enough to make the skirt of this dress from the leftovers! The bodice fabric is from JoAnn's - purchased last summer. I've used it in a lot of things, and was glad I had a piece just big enough for her bodice.

Samantha's Dress

Samantha's dress actually came from two pieces of remnant fabric from Hobby Lobby. I cannot resist the remnant bin at any fabric store. I actually purchased each piece on separate trips, and was so excited when I figured out that they matched!

Samantha was SO excited to wear her dress. The first thing she said after nap time was "Can I wear my new dress yet?" She had to try it on before it was finished. She had to help choose the buttons, and begged me to sew the buttons on at bedtime so she could wear her new dress today. I told her that so long as she was so excited to wear what mommy made, I would make her whatever she wanted! :)

Samantha's Buttons

Both girls' buttons came from my vintage button stash. Samantha really wanted pink buttons (which don't quite match, but oh well!), and I had no cards of pink buttons. However, we were lucky enough to find three pink buttons that matched in the bag of loose buttons. She was very excited!

Ellie's buttons
(Sorry about the blurry picture, Ellie kept trying to turn around as I was trying to take a picture of her buttons!)

Ellie's buttons came on a card of three buttons - and they are perfect for her dress! I was very excited to find them in my stash!

And that's KCWC Day 1! I started another set of dresses for the girls, and I'm hoping for a super productive naptime today so I can finish them and finish some Quick Change Trousers for Ben!


  1. I love the little elephant print! Are those pops of colors little birds? We have also totally had that moment where someone falls down bleeding moments after they get the new outfit, kids! I'm trying to focus on "faster" projects this week too. Feels good to get stuff done.

  2. Thanks! The elephants is from Ed Emberly's first collection, from this spring. The colored bits are all different animals - frogs, turtles, birds, bugs.
    Good luck with your plans too!