Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

It is time for the fall Blogger's Quilt Festival! Hosted by Amy Ellis, this twice-yearly link up of our favorite quilts is something I look forward to every year! I always see such beautiful quilts and am so inspired!

For my entry this fall I chose my recently completed Triangles Quilt.

Triangles Quilt

This quilt was a collaboration between my hubby and I. I had purchased these colors of Robert Kaufman's Quilter's Linen, and I knew I wanted to do something to make them the focus of the quilt. I was also inspired by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts' use of linen in her quilts. I love linen - I think it is so soft, but I was wary of trying to use it in a quilt. However, I prewashed it to allow for shrinking, and I had no problems with it! I can't wait to use it again!

triangle quilt

I knew I wanted to use triangles, but not half-square triangles. I decided to use isosceles triangles and spent a lot of time laying them out until we had an arrangement we both liked. I liked all the colored triangles pointing up, so we alternated them with linen triangles. Of course, each 'big' triangle is made up of 4 small triangles.

close up of triangles

I had a few issues when I got started with not chopping off the points of the triangles, but with practice I found that it went very well!

I quilted outside each large colored triangle in diagonal lines, and across the bottom of the colored triangles. I didn't want too much quilting to distract from the texture of the linen.

orange corner

I backed it with a multicolored print from the DS line at JoAnn's (it was on super-mega-clearance too!). I liked that it featured several of the colors I used on the front. I also stuck in one orange corner (I seem to be having a trend with having a block of color in the corners of my quilts lately). The binding is Kona Coal, one of my longtime favorites. I wanted to use a dark neutral to frame the quilt.

triangle quilt

(Is it just me, or do the groupings of colored triangles look like little gnomes?)

Blogger's Quilt Festival Stats:

Finished size: 60x 56
Quilted by me
Categories: Throw quilt, home machine quilted, ROYGBIV quilt.

Thanks for stopping by to see my new favorite quilt!


  1. I like this - so fresh! I love that you used isosceles triangles, instead of equilateral or right... Makes my inner (kinda outer) nerd very happy.

    And yes, they totally look like gnomes. With little taupe beards.:)

  2. Yes, they do have a gnome-like look! Great quilt! I love this triangle shape...

  3. I really like this quilt - I've been thinking of doing some more triangle quilts. Love this one! Great job.

  4. Beautiful triangle quilt! I am in the process of working on one now-not as easy as it seems! Now that you mention it, a little gnome love going on here!

  5. gorgeous quilt, look at all those triangles! i'm yet to try them, i'm terrified! haha

  6. Love this! Such a fresh design and the colors compliment perfectly!