Friday, October 05, 2012

KCWC Planning: The sewing

I just can't seem to get my act together lately! Between Samantha's birthday party, my mom visiting, and then each kid getting sick consecutively (and our internet being down for almost three days!), I can't seem to get into a rhythm. I keep forgetting to post here, I've barely been sewing, I am just not my usual self. I'm hoping to return to 'normal' this coming week (though with no school Monday, it will be a strange week again!). I better get my act together, because I have a lot planned for the KCWC!

The one thing I have managed to do this week is to plan what I want to sew for the kids this fall. I prewashed all of my fabrics last weekend, and set about tracing patterns and cutting fabric every day during naptime this week.

Poor Ben is the one kid who really needs clothes the most! Being our first boy, he doesn't have hand-me-downs like Ellie, and I haven't really bought him anything, knowing that I wanted to sew some things. (It is a good thing however, that his pants I made last fall still fit, because the high tomorrow is 55!)  I have been slowly purchasing some cute prints for another round of Quick-Change Trousers, and I have five pairs ready to sew up!

I really enjoyed going through my pile of not-quite-scraps and finding small pieces for the back yoke. So satisfying to use up some long hoarded prints!

I saw these corduroy prints made up into a cute jumper at Hobby Lobby, and when JoAnn's put the Simplicity patterns on sale this weekend (99 cents! Go get some!), I snatched up a simple jumper pattern for the girls to use with these adorable prints. I just love corduroy, and it just screams fall to me. 

I wanted to try some new dress patterns for the girls, so I purchased a few on etsy. I'll let you know what I think of the patterns after I sew them up. I think they will turn out pretty cute. I'm especially excited to use that umbrella print for some cute pockets on Ellie's dress. 

I am also going to be brave and work on my first Oliver +S patterns for two tops for Samantha. I also purchased a Sis Boom pattern for a tunic that I'm going to try. 

I am going to use a long hoarded print to make a pair of overalls for Ben, and I decided that Ellie needed another jumper so she doesn't only have hand me downs!

If time allows, I plan to work on Ben and Ellie's Halloween costumes. Can you guess what they will be?

And I cut out fabric for the girl's Christmas dresses and a pair of pants for Ben. I also need to make his Christmas overalls, and all the kids Christmas jammies, but I haven't cut those out yet.

I realized today that Ben desperately needs some shirts/onesies, so I'm hoping to have time to sew him some knit tops, and I'd also like to make him a pair of Treasure Pocket Pants. I also need to see if I have enough leftover Texas Tech fabric to make him a pair of jammies to match his daddy. 

I know I have bitten off way more than I can chew, but I will be sewing a lot this week (hopefully!), and plan to get started tomorrow. Hubby will be out of town, so I'm thinking about moving the sewing machine in front of the TV for the weekend! :) 

One big thing I want to make myself do this fall is to use my serger more. I bought it using the justification that I'd use it when I made clothes for the kids. It's time to actually use it for that purpose! I don't need to be scared of it! 

Wish me luck - I'm planning to blog my progress/finishes each day, so stay tuned! 


  1. I applaud your ambition! What age is your boy? I am whipping up my 14m old some clothes too, though my plans are Meyer in comparison (jammies, hats, shirts) also you must use your serger! Use it for all of us who so desperately want one!

    Best of luck!

  2. I feel your serger pain. I had a big to-do threading and adjusting tension last weekend, but I also felt the KCWC was the perfect time to bite the bullet. I love my sewing machine, but I'm more frenemies with my serger.

    Great fabrics and great plans! I'm looking forward to seeing them sewn up.

  3. I'm getting together my Kids Sew Week post too. I feel I may have bitten off a lot too! I've been cutting this past week in hopes of getting more done. I set out with the goal of making more stuff for my little boy, but umm I have more cut out for my daughter!

  4. cute cute! you have been a busy girl.