Monday, October 08, 2012

Modern Half-Square Triangle Quilt-a-Long Block 5

Welcome! If you are just joining us, information about materials can be found here, and here are the previous blocks: Block 1Block 2Block 3

8 3.5" squares of Color A
8 3.5" squares of Color B

*note* these are the essential materials for each block, so you can cut several blocks worth of fabric at once to save time!

Create your blocks, following the same procedure as last week. If you need help making your blocks, please see this post. You should end up with 16 2.5" squares. Ready to lay out your block? Here we go!





After you have sewn your squares into rows, press your seams. I like to press odd numbered rows to the left, and even to the right. It helps to use a small piece of paper to number your rows. I like the tiny post-it notes. 

After pressing, you are ready to sew your rows together! Pin, if necessary, but I find that these short rows don't require pinning. 

Press one final time, and voila! Another finished block! Only 67 to go! Pat yourself on the back! Remember to add your blocks to our flickr group!

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  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    hi Found your blog doing a half square triangle block search. I am making a quilt for my sister's 70th birthday and decided to do a half square triangle sampler quilt so jumping in late but will be making a lot, but possibly not all of your blocks. Thanks for doing it