Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For my table 3

I found some adorable fruit/food fabric about a year and a half ago at JoAnn's. I loved it, but didn't know what to do. At the time hubby and I were working on ways to make our home 'greener.' Cloth napkins!

Fruit napkins

I bought one yard of each of three prints. I wasn't sure how big I wanted them to be, but I wanted at least four napkins from each print, and I wanted them to be thick and double sided. Instead of doing math, I just folded my fabric into 8ths, then cut on each fold line.

Rows of fruit napkins

I sewed the fabric right sides together, leaving an opening, turned them right side out, and topstitched around each edge. That's it! We use them every meal. I love them, and I love not having to buy paper napkins!

Picnic napkins

This Christmas I couldn't resist this cute holly fabric, and decided we needed some holiday napkins. We have 8 of these since we usually have guests around the holidays.

Holiday napkins

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