Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Pants

When I was on my 'make the kid's clothes' kick back in the fall, I knew I wanted to make some clothes for Ben. Being our first boy he didn't have any hand-me-downs (though we did get some lovely things from my sister and neighbor, who both have boys). My sister-in-law had made the kiddos some pants when they were tiny, and I loved them. Some research turned up that they were the Quick-Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings.

Penguin Pants Back

I went through some of my existing stash and paired up cute fabrics. I did purchase a few prints, but used mostly stash.

Cowboy Pants Back

I LOVE them. They are great for winter (two layers of fabric make them nice and warm), and the cute little panel on the top of the back mean that there is no confusion about which is the back and front.

Shark Pants Back
Pirate Pants Back

He even got a special Halloween pair!

Candy Corn Pants Back

These might be my favorite pair. Robot Dinos!

Dino Pants Back
Robot Pants Back

And this pair uses some of my oldest stash (the elephants) and a cute stripe!

Stripe Pants Back
Elephant Pants Back

I loved making these - they were super simple and so cute! I'm hoping that they will be long enough for him to wear next fall/winter to wear uncuffed. I highly recommend this pattern!

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