Monday, March 26, 2012

Flat dolls

I like to peek in at the Moda Bake Shop every once in a while. They sometimes have cute, simple projects that appeal to me. I saw these and loved them. I LOVED paper dolls when I was little, but didn't think Samantha was old enough to handle them without tearing the clothes. These were the perfect solution!

flat dolls and wardrobe

I had a REALLY good time going through my scrap bin and finding pieces that were big enough to make clothes out of. I eventually had to stop myself, or the dolls would have a bigger wardrobe than I did!

The most 'difficult' part was having enough velcro! I had to make two trips to JoAnns because I kept underestimating how much velcro I would use! (And I really need to find a project that uses the soft side of the velcro, because I now have a TON of it!).

 flat dolls wardrobe

None of the shoes made it into these pictures, but they do have shoes! My wonderful crafty friends helped me cut out all the clothes, since cutting large layers really hurt my hand. I have extra batting and plan to make some more dolls as soon as I get more fabric.

I used some scraps of home-dec weight material and some webbing to make a simple bag to put everything in. The one regret I have is that I didn't put any pockets inside - that would have been great for the tiny shoes!

flat dolls bag

I really enjoyed making these! Great, clear pattern and adorable result!

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