Friday, March 09, 2012

Button Bracelet

Several months ago I saw this cute idea on pinterest. It was one of those "ooh! cute!" moments, and I'm sure I was up in the middle of the night with a baby, so I pinned it (because otherwise we all know I would forget it). Fast forward to recently, when I was perusing my boards (deleting pins, checking for original links, etc) and saw this again. I recently inherited a large button collection from my husband's grandfather's wife, and was given a gallon ziploc full by my MIL's boyfriend. (I have a lot of old buttons now. It's awesome!)

I picked out some that sort-of matched and were in colors I thought my sister-in-law would like (this is the other half of her recent birthday gift). I dug out some 1/4" elastic, measured around my wrist and got to work.

I alternated big and little, stacked some and kept the colors from 'touching.' I used white thread since all of my buttons were different colors. I tried laying out my design first, but didn't really prefer that method, as it was hard to tell how much to overlap the buttons when the elastic was flat. I did end up using a few more buttons than I had originally pulled (something to keep in mind if you want to make one). 

modeled by the three-year-old

I think it turned out pretty cute! Certainly not something everyone will have! Now if only I had a reason to wear jewelry, I would be cranking these out for myself!

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