Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I had some witty title made up in the car on the way home from SnB, but promptly forgot it. So you get Tuesday.

In case you didn't know, Hobby Lobby has all of their needles, accessories and books 1/2 off. I had to go.

I didn't do too bad. I got another set of sz 0, 1, and 2 dpn's, so I can have more than one sock on the go, another set of row counters, some of the cute sweater dpn holders and a copy of the winter 03/04 Vogue Knitting. It has two nice patterns in it, which I thought was reasonable for 1/2 off. I also got some more of their in-house yarn, Yarn Bee Pitter Patter, to make the flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting. I bought a skein a few weeks ago, and sat down and swatched it up Sunday night. I used it to wash my face and let it dry overnight, and it did really well. It's 100% polyester, so we'll see how it wears. It is a pretty good deal - 290 yards on sale for $3.22. They have some lovely bright colors. It's also really stinkin' soft, so it would be great for baby items too.

Full project update tomorrow! Must go sleep now!

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