Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Holiday Knitting

Here we go. These are the plans. Perhaps VERY overly ambitious, but nonetheless, I'll announce them to the public (so I can have that flogging when I fail to meet my goals!).

To Knit:
Black Hat*
Green Hat 1
Green Hat 2
Blue Hat 1
Blue Hat 2
The Man's Hat
Fancy Scarf - Pastel
Fancy Scarf - Brown
The Girl's Scarf*
The Girl's Hat
Nephew's Mittens*
Little Boy Mittens
Little Boy Hat
Irish Hiking Scarf*
The Man's Socks*
Branching Out*

*these have alaready been started

Nephew's Hat
Buttonhole Bag
Hole in One 1
Hole in One 2
Wavy Scarf
Fancy Scarf - red/green
The Girl's Shawl

Now here's the CRAZY part. I want to be done with the gift knitting on November 18. Yes. 15 days from now. Now, there are two gifts that I know will take a bit longer than this, and that's OK. Branching Out and The Man's socks will take some time.
But I want to be done so I can knit for myself! I'm going to stay with mom and dad for a bit after Christmas, and unlike Texas, it gets pretty cold in Indiana. So I need new handknits to take with me! And last night at SnB, I have to admit that I was making my mental knitting packing list. Hello.....I'm not leaving until the end of December. I'm nuts. The first step is admitting it.

Let's recap. 14 gifts. 15 days. I don't think I'm going to make it.


  1. Wow. My friend, I'm no shrink, but I think I can safely declare you insane. I'm only knitting 5, maybe 6 gifts, and I don't actually *have* to be done with them until December 11, though I'd really like to have some time to knit for myself before then. I will give you credit, though, for keeping sweaters and other large items off your list. Still, you may need to extend the deadline and/or pare down the list. Good luck!

  2. quite ambitious. good luck!

  3. Oh, you'll be totally fine. If you get close to the deadline and things look treacherous, I recommend locking yourself and your stash in the bathroom until everything is done. Don't forget to bring candy.