Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Here's what's new:

Little Boy Mittens
Knitty Gritty:
Pattern: From Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns sized for a 2-4 year old
Yarn: Red Heart Sport Weight (Kids or Baby)
Needles: Lion Brand US 5 DPNs
Dates: Cast on several weeks ago, both mittens finished Saturday November 26.
Mods: I decreased rapidly on the thumb because I was afraid that it would be too long for the little one. I hope they fit since they are a gift!
Thoughts: I LOVE THESE! They are SO cute and I love that the varigated yarn makes them look stripey! They were fast, and cute! I can't wait to make a pair for myself. I want mine to look like this (but mittens, not gloves - to save my life I can't find a picture of the mittens on the Gap website!).

So cute!

I need advice on the bunny hat - it's been in this "finished" state for about 6 weeks - all it is lacking is the bunny face. I can't decide what to do. I started to embroider it with the floss in the kit and decided it would take me FOREVER to do with the thin floss. So, I have to decide - embroider it with some black acrylic stash yarn, or leave it as is. What do ya think?

Final thought for today - these are my favorite winter socks, store bought of course since I just started knitting! I'm thinking of trying to recreate them - this pair is a big baggy and I'd wear them more if they fit better. I'd embroider the snowflakes on of course.

That's it for today - I hope to have more exciting stuff tomorrow!


  1. Those green gloves are beautiful! I love the cabling. I bet the mittens you make wind up awesome. As for the bunny hat, it looks really cute as is, but I think the little bunny face would *really* up the cute factor. And I think the stash yarn might work, as long as it's not too bulky. And those snowflake socks are so cute! Perfect for winter. The way you whip out projects, I'm sure you could make an awesome pair for yourself in no time! :-)

  2. Totally use the stash yarn and make the bunny face. And definitely figure out how to make those socks--they are so cool! Maybe you'll share the pattern? :-D

  3. Great stuff, the gloves are awesome. I didn't know there was an S&B in FtWorth!!! =) Unfortunately I can't do Tuesdays, but it's nice to know it's there when/if that changes! If y'all ever have to reschedule in any given week, I'd like to know about it. aprilynnek@yahoo.com

  4. Hi, I don't know if you're still looking for something to do with the fugly brown furry yarn you got a few posts ago. In case you are, I had a skein of some brown fun fur and I made a hat out of it to send to a friend going through chemo, you know to cheer her up. She thought it was hilarious and people in her hospital did too. You could make it and donate it to a cancer hospital.