Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Do you hear that?

It's quiet. The Girl is at MIL's - The Man is in the other room engrossed in his computer. Ahhhh, silence.

So you'd think I'd be knitting. Ha. Shows what you know!

I did make some more progress on The Man's stocking this morning as he was alseep and I was waiting for The Girl to return from her mom's. This picture was taken prior to that progress though, but imagine it with three more stripes.

The colors aren't very true here - they really are "Christmas colors" not neon green!

I also dug out the cat bed and worked on it while reading blogs this morning. I hearby take the blog vow: It will be done by Christmas. So add it to the list. I'm thinking I'm nearly there, but I need to get out the bottom to measure around. It's easy and I need something besides the scarf of doom to work on in front of the other people who live here.

I did a bit of cleaning today - cleaned up the craft/sew/bead/yarn area and reorganized the stash. I'm debating "inventoring" it, as I don't have much and I pretty much know what I have. We'll see. Probably will get done in avoidance of the cat bed.

I also sewed up a Christmas gift that I can't detail here because of surprises! Love them! But it's purty. I've got another, but I'm still in the creative stage. The fabric has been purchased and I've got the basic outline in my head, but I need to do the maths. Blech.

The mailwoman brought yarn today! Free yarn!

Can I return to sender?

Seriously, this has to be the fugliest yarn I've ever seen. I know, it was free, what did you expect from a novelty yarn, but really - poop brown? I'm trying to think of the worst possible thing I could make with it. Suggestions welcome!

Possibly the best part of the yarn package was the catalog enclosed. In which I found "Sirdar Yo-Yo yarn." The desription really sums it up:
"One giant ball radiating monochromatic color makes its own pattern!" 962 yards. Worsted weight. Just how giant is this ball? And it can be yours for the low low price of $39.99! For a 74% acrylic, 14%wool and 12% polyester blend. What a deal.

And in other news - I found out yesterday that I almost didn't get to graduate. I got an email from the assistant to the head of graduate studies saying that I needed to contact someone in the registrar's office about ordering my diploma, and that due her "Not knowing what happened with your paperwork" I had missed the deadline for ordering my cap and gown. So I panic, of course, and call the office and get the diploma taken care of, and learn from Pam who helped me that it wasn't MY fault, as I was led to believe, it was the idiot in the grad office who had just turned my paperwork in on MONDAY, November 21. It was due on October 7. Nice. Wish I had known, so I could have followed up! And, to top it off, instead of ordering my cap and gown online or over the phone I have to go in person to their office (and of course they were closed today and the rest of the week) AND pay a $15 late fee (in cash). Nice. I hate it when I can't do everything myself. It's shit like this that gives me control issues.

In closing - to try to keep up the "lit" end of the blog - the NYTimes has a list of their books of the year. (You have to have an "account," but it's free, so get one.)

We're not traveling tomorrow, so I'm sure I have some blatherings to share. If you'll be internetless, have a great Turkey Day!


  1. My free ball of Disco was neon turqoise. Not great, but still better than poop. Sorry to hear about your travails with the bureacracy. You know that I feel your pain.

  2. Perhaps a knit lion? I dunno, I got the turquoise, too. There is nothing I could do to subdue the blueness of it.