Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday is Knit-a-long day!

Since I have no pictures to show you (damn daylight savings time AGAIN), here's an update on my knit-a-long progress. Aren't you on the edge of your seat?

Warm Hands: Um, my mitten has a cuff. It's had a cuff for almost two weeks now. I promise, I'll work on it soon. I got to the increase for the thumb and got scared. I'm a wuss.

Irish Hiking Scarf: I've knitted through one ball of Wool of the Andes and started the second. Haven't worked on it since Friday.

Branching Out: First five rows are done. Need alone time for this - hopefully will have some next week.

Cover your Head: Finished Green Hat number 2 last night - looks exactly like the first. Y'all saw all the other hats already. Black hat I'm wary of starting. Feeling the curse there.....

Scarf Style: As soon as I have "me" knitting time, I'm making the turtleneck shrug. Love it.

Weasley Along: Um, what? Harry Potter knitting? I'll just say I've started something - more details tomorrow.

Um, yeah, that's it. Wow. Riveting.

The Man's ipod arrived yesterday. How is it fair that something that had to be personalized and shipped from China can arrive faster than yarn? Not fair.

He did bring me home a little pressie today - a little ABBA (as I have none and lurve them). Isn't that sweet?

It is FINALLY getting cool here (after being in the high 80s this weekend) - it may freeze tonight! We had clam chowder and biscuits and it was delightful.

And I've ordered all of The Man's non-knitted gifts. It's way too easy to click the "place order now" button on Amazon. They should make that more difficult. If only there were a button to finish up all these gifts...


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    oh no! look at all those links, wait; on the other hand ...don't i have to get up from here sometime today and go job hunting!
    marie in texas

  2. If you ever find that "knit now" button, please let me know. :-) Sounds like you're making great progress on all your projects! And I hear you about shipping- electronics before yarn? So unfair!