Tuesday, August 16, 2005

BW haul, take one

BW haul, take one
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Am I lucky or just greedy? This photo seems like a bit too much, and we're only through 3 days of BW. Yikes.

Today, from DD, 25 Bags to Knit, which I'm not sure I'll be keeping. It has two basic patterns and each of the bags seems to be a variation on these. I'd rather have a sock book.
From momma: a knitting stand that has cute puppies and kittens on it and that little pink bag at the top. Cute.
From DH: Knit Scarves and The Vogue Knitting Companion book.

It is two other special people's birthdays today: my cat, and my old man (dog). Both were adopted on my birthday (2 years apart), so we sort of celebrate for them too, as we don't know when they were actually born.

What? Actual knitting content? You want some? Well, you'd think, that with all this time off, I'd have finished all those projects by now. Haha. But I am off to seam up a wee little mousie and stuff it with catnip for someone.....

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