Monday, August 29, 2005

I Do

I Do
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Lace doesn't make for the best car knitting. Especially if your spouse thinks you should be making conversation with him.

This is all I managed to accomplish all weekend, though in my defense I did not knit on the return trip, and I kept putting it down yesterday as it was too hot to knit with wool/wool-blends.

I did manage a few rounds on the pinwheel baby blanket in the dark Friday night, and started and ripped the Ruffles scarf. I think I've figured out wrap and turn, but I'll probably work on I Do tonight.

Anybody want to keep DD for me for 50 minutes after school so I don't have to pay the Y hundreds of dollars to keep her for less than 5 hours/week?

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  1. Hey Sweetcheeks!
    Found the blog and luv it! I wish we could have had more time to knit this weekend. We'll have to make up for it on Sunday. Where did you get that Pinwheel pattern. It looks super cute! Well, gotta get a few rows of the baby sweater in before I pass out.

    P.S. -- if ever I'm not working when DD gets out of school, I'd be more than happy to keep her.