Monday, August 15, 2005

Birthday Week, Day Two

Wow, I love these original titles......

I was hoping to have a completed "that which shall not be named," but sadly, it is not completed. Maybe tomorrow!

And, I was hoping to have pictures of the BW stash (thus far), but it is raining and dark outside. Maybe tomorrow!

Here's what I hauled today: A subscription to my favorite magazine (right now!) from DH! So excited! It will come in the mail! I will get the special "subscriber only" patterns! Woo Hoo!!

From my Brother and SIL: Another addition to my collection.(My family only likes these movies a little bit. Really, just a smidge. We are only known to quote them on rare, er, daily occasions.) (DH is pissed, as he also got this for me, but I get to exchange it for something else!)

And, from mom. Boy does she spoil me. Sometimes, you DO get what you ask for (even when you really think, hell, I'll just put this on the list. She won't pay retail for it when she might be able to get it at the sale next year!). Isn't it pretty? And yes, I got it in that lovely brown. It is GREAT. it has an adjustable strap, three "outside" pockets that are under the flap, and two inside pockets, a hard bottom, and a back zippered pocket. I LOVE IT. My old messenger bag was looking pretty bad, and had only one small inner pocket. This can fit my laptop (for those few occasions it acutally goes out of the house these days), and has room for a WIP. I absolutely cannot wait to venture out tomorrow with my new bag!

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