Friday, June 03, 2005


Not much exciting knitting progress to show - a few more rows on the cardi, heel flap done on the first DH sock. Boooooooooooooooring.

How sad is it that TWO days after starting a new project, I am ready for a new project?

DH's work is having "employee discount days," so I have to decide what to buy with my ration of $$.....Any suggestions on knitting books? I'm thinking last minute knitted gifts, but not sure what else.

I found out last night that my bonus for the inservice thingy I had to give didn't pay me $50. It paid $150!!!!! So even though the purse strings are tight this summer, DH agreed that I could spend ALL of that $$ on yarn! I'm already planning to use my $$ from Amy to buy some of this, to make this (I know, and when y'all jump off the cliff, I'll be right there too - but maybe a few months late!).

Oh, for any of you readers out there - check out this. It is great - Nice to be able to "check out" the book before you check it out/buy it!

I have an ever-growing list of "I want to make...", I'll try to put it up in the sidebar this weekend.

OK, I'm off to bed, but I'll leave you with this - when DH saw the first two stripes on the cardi (melon and green) he said "That looks like a watermelon." Then he stood up and "sang" "Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon rind. Look at the scoreboard to see who's behind!" Of course, the "behind" was accompanied by some booty-shaking. Apparently it was a cheer his cousins did when they were little and it has stuck with him all these years. Who knew?

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