Thursday, June 02, 2005

Over my head

DH Sock
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I'm a strong "type-A" personality, and I just tend to (a little bit) get in over my head sometimes. And then it all has to be perfect, of course. I've been cursing myself for not keeping up with Knit One Read Two, but I just haven't had much reading time lately. And the book for this month I didn't want to buy (only out in hardback) and all copies were reserved/checked out at the library....until I got there yesterday and there was one on the shelf! So I grabbed it up and got started. Not sure what I'm feeling toward it yet, but we'll see.

Then, in the spirit of "my life is about to consist of two full time jobs, plus trying to keep my family alive and stay sane" I joined a new KAL today - Knit the Classics. And the first book is Middlemarch. Just a tiny little fraction of a novel. Right. I haven't decided what to make for the knitting half of the KAL, but I have to say that I really like this idea - but makes me think long and hard about what I can make that is "true" to the time period.

DH and I have made summer reading resolutions - to finish all the unfinished books in our lives - you know, those ones I'm only pages from the end of! Does this mean I have to finish Jonathan Strange - I'm only on page 50 - yikes....And we decided that we should each pick a books for the other to read. See, both being huge book-a-holics, we are constantly saying "you should read this," and then having our feelings hurt when the other doesn't read it (even though we both have very similar tastes). I thought this might soothe any hurt feelings. Of course, the book I picked for DH is over 500 pages, and mine is just over 100. It will be a nice break from Middlemarch!

I bought (just a) few books today too - some I really want to read - I may not sleep for the next few weeks between all the knitting and reading!

Oh, before I go (and I know there was more I meant to say, but have forgotten it now), here is DH's sock. When he saw the picture, he said "wow, is that my sock?" I'm glad he's impressed, because he's the only one who will see it. I missed the sign up for Sockapalooza 2 in my indecisiveness about signing up. And I opted out of SP5, as we will be short on cash money this summer. I'm trying to tell myself that SP6(?) and Sockapalooza 3(?) will be my rewards for surviving (hint, hint to those organizers!).

More to say tomorrow (if I think of it).

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  1. Wow - you really are a bookaholic. I think that's great that you can share that passion with your husband. My husband falls asleep whenever he tries to read! (That's why I need a knit/read along to keep me going!) :) But I did manage to get him to read Life of Pi & since then I have noticed a huge upsurge in his reading - so there's hope!