Monday, June 13, 2005

Sad sack

First, thank you all who left me such sweet encouraging notes in the comments - it means a lot to hear that others have gone through these same feelings - makes me feel like less of a "loser." (I know, I'm not a loser, just an expression!)

I'm feeling a bit better now, but the next three weeks will probably still be trying.

A brief update, before bed.

I'm really excited about the summer of lace. (damn, all of a sudden blogger doesn't have the link button up, and I'm too lazy to figure it out right now. you know what it is.) I've been wanting to knit some lace for a while now, so I'm excited that others will be joining in on the craziness! I ordered some merino laceweight yarn (meant to order mohair, but was not fully awake, obviously) I'll post a link when I can concentrate long enought to figure it out.

On Friday, a bevy of books headed my way - Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Folk Shawls and Special Knits for Babies. I was supposed to get Vogue Knitting Socks Two, but DH didn't order it. I'm gong to see if knitpicks has it.

I've decided that I get a fiber "prize" every Friday - gives me something to look forward to all week!

Oh - my Brooks Farm Four Play came, so as soon as I have time, I'll get on that clap. It's very pretty - not as "silky" feeling as I thought it would be, and had a lot more brown in it than I could really see in the picture, but I still think it is pretty. Again, links when I can.

The stripey cardi is 8 inches up the back - slow going, mostly because I have NO TIME to work on it. C'est la vie. DH's sock is nearing the toe. I know, such excitement, I can hardly contain myself.

OK, off to blogstalk for a few minutes before bed.

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