Sunday, June 19, 2005


Light and Lacy Shawl
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So.....because I didn't just start a new project (ahem) yesterday.....But my box from Elann came yesterday (while I was at work, of course), and I couldn't resist the siren song of the lace/mohair any longer.
I'm making the "Light and Lacy Shawl" from the Knit Knack Kit I got for Christmas. I'm using Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair - not sure of the colorway, but it's purple.
I'm not a big purple person, but it was this or green (should have gotten green) so I'm thinking this will be gifted. The first five rows or so were difficult, until I learned to tell what was the stitch, and what was just mohairy stuff that had gotten wrapped around the needle. Now I'm chugging right along - it is a VERY easy pattern, with four yo's and two k2tog per every other row - at the edges - so it moves quickly.
I feel the sweet seduction of the lace knitting - I can't wait to plow through this and try something more difficult. I do have that Skacel laceweight and two more skeins of laceweight from knitpicks coming.....and I just bought folk shawls and have downloaded the kiri pattern......decisions, decisions....

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