Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stripey Cardi

Stripey Cardi
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Hear ye, Hear ye - The stripey cardi makes it's blog debut....

So, on my day off today, I decided that socks were boring and I need to use that yarn I purchased for this sweater - and get over my fear of sweaters/big projects/lots of seaming/setting in sleeves/etc.

The pattern calls for you to carry the yarn, but that's a LOT of carrying, so I think I'll cut. I'll try to remember this feeling when i have to weave in all those ends.

In other exciting news - I cooked dinner tonight! DH had to work, I was sick of frozen pizza, you do the math.

We also finally have stairs for the deck - now we just need railings and some lattice on one side (to keep the dogs out from underneath it).

Poor puppy Miles has an ear infection, so we get the joy of holding him down and "flushing" out his ears and then putting in drops. Yeah, I love trying to pin down a 40 lb lab puppy. And not spill the syringe full of antibiotic. Fun.

DD drug out her "learn to knit" kit that MIL got her for Easter and we worked on casting on and she worked on the knit stitch while I *cooked* (I know, I'm still in shock - I took a picture just to prove to DH that I can cook!).

She's very excited to take her knitting in the car when we drive to CO in July - and was even more excited when she found out that my momma knits and my sis and SIL both crochet. We'll have one big yarn party!

OK, must sleep now - more tomorrow.

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  1. Love love love the colors on your stripey cardi! Can't wait to see your deck finished too. ;) As a homeowner I am always excited to see other people's home improvements. Welcome to the knit the classics along. :)