Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Knit night
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Six months ago today I taught myself to knit. Wow.
I didn't realize that until the drive home from work tonight, but I guess I sort of celebrated last night. I was too pooped to get back in the car and drive to knit night, and it is my only night off this week (and any week this month), so I gathered some friends and settled it.
From left - blog generator, my bff's chips and salsa, light and lacy shawl, stripey cardi, Mr. XX, my hug shrug, and DH's sock. In the background is Oliver from the O.C. (completely addicted) doing bad Oliver things.
You'll also notice in the background a large stack of books. Well, two stacks actually. This is my "to-read" pile. Part of it anyway. I made that dumb comment to DH about finishing all those books I had started - these are them. Yikes. 26.
I could continue this post with drippy prose about how knititng has changed my life, but y'all already know about that! I'm preachin' to the choir here!
So, do I get a knit-a-versary present from myself?

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