Friday, May 27, 2005

Summer blues

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So school's out for summer, and everyone is sad. DD was crying last night because she wanted to go to school today, but today she's already bored. Great.

And I'm blue because of the boredom and because I miss my kiddos.

My older nephew is staying with us today as his parents have to work, and all he and DD do is fight. Then they fight some more. They are best friends, but boy does he know how to push her buttons. He's also 4 1/2 years older than her.
I've drug them to my MIL's house b/c she has a pool - should keep them occupied for a while.

In knitting news - the shrug is finished! But I didn't have a chance to take a picture (due to an extreme case of laziness) so I'll try to get off my butt tomorrow and do that. I found a copy of the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns at a used bookstore, and can't wait to put it to use. I'm going to use their sock pattern for DH's socks - I feel more secure with it, and it allows me to not do all the math I was facing (again with the laziness).

I'm having a strange urge to knit lace. I've never done a lace pattern before, but I'm craving a lightweight shawl and I love the Knitpicks laceweight yarn - so pretty! Any recommendations on a good beginner lace shawl pattern?

Two of my friends are suffering from SBS (second baby syndrome) and are due in the fall. One is having a boy and the other is being surprised. So, what to make for the surprise? Everyone keeps suggesting green/yellow, or waiting until after the birth, or making something blue and something pink and saving the extra item. But I can't decide. I don't really want to make another blanket right now, and this is a great time for babies - both are due in the fall, so I can make something they can actually wear in Texas!

My Tivo is suffering from depression. With the exception of one Knitty Gritty episode, it has NOTHING on the to-do list. All of my shows have ended - even my reruns of Felicity are back at the beginning. How am I going to knit all summer? I have the first disc from season one of the OC in the Netflix queue, and DH suggested we start watching 24, so that gives us some TV/knitting time, but not enough! My fingers are crossed that they will rerun season 4 of Alias, as we just started watching Alias via the Netflix in the middle of this season, so we didn't watch any of the current episodes.

This is turning into a novel (that's what ya get when I don't post for a week, and I actually have time to sit down and say something), so I'll say goodbye. Oh, before I forget, the picture is from the deck that DH is constructing over the mudpit in our backyard - he decided on Sunday when it was 99 degrees out that we needed a deck. I'll keep ya posted on the progress!

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