Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bad Bad Blogger

So apparently, I am still counted amongst the living. I myself am not really sure about this, as I feel mostly dead. But, as I have made it to work every day this week, I must be partly alive - at least enough to drive to work and function there.

These past two weeks have been CRAZY! Two weeks ago my week was like this:
Monday - work, work, class
Tuesday - work, company over
Wednesday - work, clean house, company for dinner
Thursday - work, work, class, start swatching for Amy, company over
Friday - work, work, coffee night, continue swatching
Saturday - knit for Amy ALL DAY
Sunday - knit for Amy ALL DAY with one hour break for groceries

Then, last week went:
Monday - work, work, final presentation, knit all night
Tuesday - work, knit all day, SnB
Wednesday - work, plan engagement dinner for friends. cancel engagement dinner. (they had other plans, not no engagement), knit all night
Thursday - pack, work, fly to Indiana, cast off on front
Friday, Sat, Sun - Indiana - knit in car between activities. enter 150 test grades in small chunks as server goes down over and over again. fly home

This week -
Monday - work, baseball game with DD, knit at game and after
Tuesday - work, engagement dinner (FINALLY), knit after
Wednesday - work, knit, company over, cast off on back.
Today - work, enter 150 final grades. enter 150 attendance grades. remember that have not written final paper for one class. S**T. don't want to.

But, big problem. I cast off on the back of Amy's project last night (after being in a state of dizziness from knitting back and forth too fast), started to seam, front and back DIFFERENT SIZES. S**T. Waiting to hear how to fix this (not me, pattern mistake). You would think I would have noticed this, but by the time I got to the back, I was ignoring everything and knitting as fast as I could. That's what I get.

Also, in the madness of the week came much summer job upheaval. I was supposed to work for a company I had worked for some years ago again this summer. I had been "hired' but no one ever called and told me when to show up. So I started calling. And calling. And calling. Finally spoke to underling who had no idea who I was...reassuring, right? Short end of story is that I am told I can work one shift a week. ONE SHIFT. Is that going to pay the mortgage?
So I call one of my old bosses who gives me a job immediately, 40 hours/week. Lovely company to work for. But I called first "boss" back, to tell her to take her job and shove it, and she has not returned my calls (again) for over a week. So I'm thinking letter to the district manager and not showing up for my ONE scheduled shift.

Anyway, enough ranting. Some things have been good. Saw a four-day-old zebra at the Indianapolis Zoo - so cute. Bought a cute purse at the Dollar Tree (my favorite store), got some Vera Bradley goodness from mama, and got this as a present from the professor I worked for this year. I love it, and it has my name embroidered on it!

I guess I should go write the damn paper. If I get it done I'm having bean and cheese burritos from Rosa's for dinner!

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