Saturday, May 28, 2005

shrug it off

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So - here is the finished shrug in all it's slightly blurry glory - I was trying to take the picture myself and don't know how to set the delay/timer on the camera - however, I did finally discover why digital cameras take so long to take the picture - they are waiting for you to push the button and pose! And yes - no head. Wouldn't want to scare y'all.

Trying to find the energy to go to work. It just stopped raining. Now, I love the rain (however, I HATE driving in it with all the other morons who live in Texas). I love to sit in my living room with the windows slightly cracked so I can smell the rain, drink tea and read. I don't even mind working on a rainy day because it keeps some of the crazies away. But right now I'm ticked off.

Because it's stopped raining - just in time for me (and everyone else who was waiting it out) to go out. And come to my place of business (retail - of course). Double that fun with the holiday weekend, add a dash of "school just got out for the summer", a pinch of "it's raining/might rain again, so we can't go to Six Flags" and it's enough to make me feel the need for a tranquilizer gun.

Started on DH's socks - chugging along. But camera died as I was posing for my fab photo, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.

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