Wednesday, May 18, 2005

shrug take one

shrug take one
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So here's the shrug - it is obviously the shrug from IK with the ruffled sleeves. So far, so good. Love the way the cotton ease knits up, and I'm actually really liking this color - I was a little apprehensive at first.
Blogging may be light for a few weeks - I'm about to start working two full time jobs, so I'll be busy! But only until the end of June.

In other news I may throw my GD Tivo box out the window, as it cut off the crucial moment during Gilmore Girls last night. Had to surf the 'net to find out who said those words, and it's just not the same as seeing it. Cried when Lorelai watched Rory unpack - hate that they're fighting and "the Gilmores" took her side again.

Tivo better not mess up Lost tonight!

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