Saturday, April 23, 2005


So the allergy bug has caught me - it sucks. Feel like crap, can't breathe, etc.
But it makes for lots of TV time - which is perfect since WE is showing Felicity two episodes a night! Love the TiVo!!!

DH and I are finished with the first three seasons of Alias, and I must say, I sure do miss seeing Michael Vartan at least once a week! We're waiting to watch the fourth season until it a)is in reruns this summer or b)comes out on DVD.

We are also almost caught up with Gilmore Girls - we finally saw the episode where Luke and Loreli made up (and made out!).

One of my "b*tches" talked to annoying girl on Tuesday night, so hopefully things will improve next time. Some of my girls are having hard times - a breakup and a move. I'm going to miss my Kerri as she voyages off to Austin, but I know I'll see her regularly (it's only 3 hours, after all!) and we have the wonder of the internet! So miss Kerri, I'll miss you! Love you bunches!

Some sad news, I hear that Lion Brand Cotton Ease is being *gasp* discontinued! I'm really enjoying the way it is knitting up on Tempting, and am going to have to voyage to Hancock's ASAP to purchase more for the stash.

I broke down and bought some yarn from Knitpicks Thursday. They emailed to say that it had shipped yesterday (so nice!) and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival.

I bought this today at Michael's. As if I need more sock yarn (more is coming from Knitpicks), but it was on clearance for $3.00/ball. So the stash is surely but slowly growing. My excuse (to myself for now, DH hasn't commented on the size of it yet) is that we're going to be very poor this summer (as he goes through alternative certification and we both work retail for 30 hours/week - pray for us!), so I am buying enough yarn now to sustain me though the long, hot days of summer.

OH MY GOD! So, I'm watching Felicity right now (sophomore year - working at the health center) and LANE (from GG) just walked in! See, I watched Felicity when it was first on, and then when WE reran it a few years ago, and I only started watching GG when it came back in reruns (on ABC family). I thought Lane looked familiar, but never put it together. Wow, love it when it all comes full circle.

I really want to make the striped cardi from the new interweave, but I'm worried that it is *too* advanced for me - carrying the yarn and all. Thinking about using microspun for it (since they have such pretty colors), but worried about how it will gague up. Perhaps I should stop blogging, make a swatch with the leftovers from the skinny scarf, and if it works (cross your fingers) I can make it to Michael's tonight (they have it on sale).


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